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Greetings Champions,

This coming month, GameSamba's licensing agreement with NGD for Champions of Regnum is coming to an end. But that doesn't mean it's the end for you! If you're a current Regnum player using a GameSamba account, NGD will be allowing you to keep logging into the game by mirroring your GS Regnum account to their service.

This is not a temporary measure; all players with existing GameSamba Regnum accounts will be able to access Regnum for the lifetime of the game.However, even if you log into the game with a GameSamba account, starting May 3 all support (including Ximerin purchases) will be processed through NGD Studios.

For users who happen to have the same username/password between a GameSamba account and an NGD account, you will be given the option of choosing which account you would like to sign into.

We would like to thank all of our players who supported and spent time with us from our beginnings in Raven,all the way to Haven. It's been a blast running events for you and fighting alongside you during the last three years. We will continue to serve you in our other games such as RAN Online and Ragnarok, and are glad to know that fans of Regnum will be keeping their access and accounts intact thanks to NGD.

Samba/Ximerin Converting: If you have Sambas and wish to convert them to Ximerin, you must convert by May 5 at 4PM PST. Any Sambas left in your account after this date will be available for use in any of our other games, but will no longer be able to be converted into Ximerin. After GameSamba support ends you will be able to purchase Ximerin directly from NGD.

General Support: On May 3, all GameSamba support for Champions of Regnum will come to an end. After this date, for any support related issues please contact NGD Support.